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I started out as a farm child in the deep center of Iowa. Drawn to art, but told that artwork is no way to earn money, I attended the state college to become an architect. Along the way, I've lived in Chicago, Boston and Denver, always as an architect.

I grew weary of the corporate world and left the button down collar job to work with my wife, also an architect. We currently run our own office, Moore Koenigsberg Architecture.

In 2003, I traveled all the way to Maine to attend Haystack, which is an artist colony on an island - really. It was there that I realized that art could be a career and I've been pursuing that ever since.

In the past, I have done abstract figurative artwork, with a little side trip to purely abstract work.

But now, I have branched out into three dimensional kinetic artwork that I can see in my head before they are created - something that's new for me.

Here's my curriculum vitŠ