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Jon Koenigsberg


Making Mobiles
Somewhere in Colorado

Artist Statement

As an artist, I have created paintings, drawings and most recently, mobiles. When I make a mobile, each element is pushed to the point where it is most unstable and most dynamic - almost to the point of failure. Only when the elements have reached their most unstable point does the artwork take on a sense of wonder - a sense of effortless suspension in space.

Working with copper to create a mobile, I know that the laws of physics are absolute, that the wire can support only so much, yet a mobile can give the illusion that perhaps these laws can be broken or stretched.

The beginning of creating a mobile is the visualization of the individual pieces, and the movement that comes from the sum of these parts. I consider a piece to be finished when it elegantly balances itself against gravity while conveying movement, both inplied and real.

When people see my work, I invite them to touch them, to make them move. One of the greatest delights I have is watching each person be filled with a sense of wonder as they make the mobiles move.